About [yellow tail]

[yellow tail] is a brand of wine produced by Casella Wines, based in Australia. The wine was developed in 2000 and became the number one imported wine to the US by 2003.

The Challenge

The [yellow tail] team wanted to surprise and delight customers by providing free taxi rides as part of its "Yellow Tail Party Hopping!" campaign.

The Solution

Verifone Media supplied taxis at local bars and restaurants in three markets for the [yellow tail] Brand Ambassadors to use during the campaign.

100+ free taxi rides given across NYC, Chicago and San Francisco
"Yellow Tail is so awesome for offering taxi rides on such a cold night." - rider quote

[yellow tail] Success Story

On a cold and windy night in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, [yellow tail] wine surprised party-goers with a free taxi ride, compliments of “Yellow Tail Party Hopping!”

Brand Ambassadors targeted foot traffic at local bars and restaurants to educate consumers on [yellow tail] and inform them of the free taxi ride, which was running [yellow tail] creative on the Top.

"I can't believe it! Now I can spend my cab money on a pizza."

Source: Client Feedback, 2015